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Resources for Families

Spiritual Connections

The Bible App for Kids | 

Superbook | 

Minno Kids | 

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Guardians of Ancora |

List of online church services:

Bible Discussion Live with Alex Bryan from Washington, Japhet De Oliveira from Colorado and Sam Leonor from California. We will start at 11:30am MDT every Sabbath.  Please click this link to join the webinar: ZOOM

Crosswalk Church Join Tim Gillespie and worship online, with multiple service times tomorrow.


Physical Activity Connections  - Activity Calendar and more  -Workouts for Kids – Daily PE for kids


Fun Learning Connections

Steve Spangle Live Mondays 9 am

PBS Kids: Watch videos and play online games centered on different topics. You can also sign up for a newsletter to get daily activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home.

Amazing Space: Don't have a telescope? Explore comets, black holes, galaxies and other things in space with Hubble images, online explorations and more.

Switch Zoo: Learn all about animals and make your own new animals with the Switch Zoo. Kids can also build biomes and online habitats, explore music created by animals and practice creative writing.

National Ocean Service: Explore the ocean through videos, group activities, outdoor and tabletop challenges and other projects.

Smithsonian Kids: Play online science-themed games and meet the animals at the National Zoo.

San Diego Zoo: Meet the animals of the San Diego Zoo all the way from your home. Read their tales and enjoy fun arts and crafts.

LEGO Challenge Cards: Grab your LEGOs but make sure not to step on them! Use this giant collection of LEGO challenge cards to sneak some STEM learning into the day.

Discovery Mindblown Download and print free DIY science experiments and explore STEM topics through games, fun facts and activities on its app.